You can still win 5000 dollars. Send your Latch plugins over!

ElevenPaths    2 diciembre, 2016
Remember that on Monday, December 12 at 1pm (CET), the deadline for the submission of applications for our Latch plugins competition ends. You’ve had almost two months to think of a breakthrough idea and to develop it, but don’t worry; you still have a few more days to round it off.

However, if you still don’t know what you want to do, you still have time to register and, to help you, we will give you some ideas.

How about this Latch integration for the protection of payments developed by our collegues in Equinox (in just 23.5 hours!)? A great project that combines creativity, security and utility!

The idea is to be able to issue a token that gives access to a service or device. This token is printed on paper (which I have) and is only valid when the token Issuer authorizes its use from the Latch application (second authorization factor).

Or how about the integration of ElevenPaths’ Latch+Antiransomeware in the AntiRansomWare tool? It is the winning combination to address a problem as worrying and common nowadays as Randsomeware. It is a tool that adds an authorization layer on Windows systems for “protected” folders, in addition to the existing permissions of the operating system, so that any type of write or delete operation of the files is denied. The authorization in this case lays on Latch instances for each folder, and files in those folders cannot be modified or deleted if the associated Latch is closed.

Aren’t you inspired yet? How about you try the new Latch Cloud TOTP functionality? This functionality allows you to use Latch as an application to generate TOTPs that you can easily use with websites like Facebook, Dropbox or Google.

Get involved and enter the competition! Register in the Latch Plugins Contest. A prize of up to 5000 $ is waiting for you.

May the luck be with you!

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