Winners of the Latch Plugins Contest

ElevenPaths    12 febrero, 2015

As you know, last 16th of October 2014, as part of our annual «Security Innovation Day» event, we announced the launch of the «Latch Plugins Contest«, the first Latch competition aimed at developing innovative and useful plugins for the Latch service.

The story tells the that something went wrong in the latest ElevenPaths job, and Chema Alonso needed your help. He promised to reward anyone who succeeded in making the best Latch plugin with a financial prize of up to US$10,000 (in bitcoins). Take a look at the video and remember the story!

January 15th was the deadline for registrations, and then it was up to our jury. A top-notch panel featuring Chema Alonso (CEO of ElevenPaths) José Palazón (Head of Software and Product Development), David Barroso (Technical Manager) and Olvido Nicolás (Head of Marketing).

Well, here they are, these are the winning plugins in the first Latch Plugins Contest:

First prize – US$10,000

Winner: Carlos Rodríguez

Plugin: Devise_latcheable


  • The Latch plugin for Ruby on Rails enables Latch to be integrated in the user authentication and registration process.
  • This plugin makes Latch a gem for Ruby on Rails and allows an additional security layer (2FA) to be added to the authentication progress in any Ruby application.
  • What we liked about it:

  • It provides knowledge and a security solution for a community of developers at Ruby on Rails.
  • Second prize – US$5,000

    Winner: Gregorio Juliana Quirós

    Plugin: Latch for electronic door locks using DNIe, NFC and mobile app identification


  • The idea of the prototype consists of a system for locking and unlocking electronic doors activated by a mobile app or smart cards based on NFC.
  • This plugin allows Latch to be integrated in electronic locks using DNIe, NFC and identification via mobile apps to allow or deny access in the user authentication process. How? Easy: In the case of fraudulent use of your identity, Latch will warn you with an alert on your Latch app on your cell phone.
  • What we liked about it:

  • It’s a usable, simple and convenient security application.
  • Third prize – US$1,000

    Winner: Javier Pena Rendo

    Plugin: Latch Plugin for Liferay


  • The Latch plugin for Liferay enables Latch to be integrated in the user authentication process in any instance of Liferay.
  • What we liked about it:

  • The quality of its implementation and that it may be used in any Liferay product .
  • Special mention – 200
    Winner: David Garduño

    Plugin: Latch Plugin for Asterisk


  • The Latch plugin for Asterisk enables Latch to be integrated in an Asterisk switchboard to be able to set the call operations. That means we can block or unblock a certain kind of calls and even program the time segment when we wish to be disconnected. For example, if we went to bed and didn’t want to receive any calls, we could do this with the Latch plugin for Asterik.
  • What we liked about it:

  • The innovation and originality of the idea, the clarity of the documentation, and the capacity to convey it.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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