[New Report] “Financial cyber threats Q1 2016”

ElevenPaths    13 mayo, 2016

Our analyst team gives you a quarterly update on the latest tendencies of cyber attacks in financial sector. You can now download the full Financial CyberThreats Q1 2016 Report conducted and the ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team.

This report uses data from is a distributed network designed for the real time processing of threats against. The objective of KSN is to be sure that all users have information on threats as soon as possible. New threats are added to the data base minutes after their detection, even if they were previously unknown. KSN also retrieves statistical non-personal information about any malicious code installed on our customers’ devices. customers are free to join or not, as they wish.

It is mainly based on statistics and data although reliable information from other sources may also be referenced. The timeframe for this analysis contains data obtained during the period from January 1st, 2016 to April 1st, 2016.

The report emphasizes the growth of phishing, focused on executive identity theft and infections with the trojan Zeus. Thus, Android turned out to be the most attacked OS.

Countries with the highest percentage of victims attacked by phishing are Brazil and China. They are followed by the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Ecuador and Ireland. Mexico, which was the most attacked country in the last period, was not included in the top of attacked countries.

One of the most remarkable points in Q1 2016 is significant decrease of percentage users suffered from Dyre Trojan infection attempts from 0.422% to 0.159% of all users. The Dyre activities significantly decreased starting from the end of November because of a successful Russian law enforcement operation against the corresponding cybercriminal group.

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