LUCA Talk: 6 challenges for Artificial Intelligence’s sustainability and what we should do about it

AI of Things    19 junio, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has many benefits. It can improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, optimize the management of natural disasters and catastrophes, improve education, and as we saw in our last webinar series, dominate classic video games. With more people embracing this technology, it’s also important to be aware of the issues surrounding it, before we are faced with negative consequences.

When using AI and Machine Learning, one of its subfields, we must ask ourselves how to ensure good and fair practice and make these technologies sustainable over time. In the upcoming webinar, AI Ambassador Richard Benjamins will talk about 6 societal and ethical challenges for AI, and how they should be addressed. Among the subjects discussed, the webinar will go in depth into liability, the relationship between human and robots and the intentional bad uses of AI.

picture announcing time, date and subject of webinar
Figure 1. AI can take over many boring, repetitive or dangerous tasks. But will this make jobs dissapear? This is a question many are concerned with

If you have any burning questions, there will be a live chat and Q&A session at the end where you will be able to leave them, and have them answered in real time. If you’re interested in the topic, don’t forget to register here and tune in on June 26th at 16:00 CET.

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