Latch Plugins Contest: Remember the story!

ElevenPaths    13 octubre, 2016
Last week ElevenPaths launched a new edition of the Latch Plugins Contest, where you can win up to 5,000 dollars. But remember, what we’re looking for is imagination, talent, creativity and a solution provided with Latch.
It all begin in 2014 when, after a slight problem with an ElevenPaths job, Chema Alonso asked for your help and offered a financial reward to the person who could come up with the best Plugin for Latch. In view of the interest sparked and all the talent out there, a new contest was launched in 2015, giving rise to some very interesting projects that you can discover on our Blog

If you want to find out how to register for the contest, visit our Community where we explain how to enter and give you some handy tips. You can also join the conversation on the Latch Plugins Contest. And if you want the full low-down on the contest, you can check out the rules.
To see the plugins developed to date and all the documentation, go to the ElevenPaths GitHub. Remember, all the Latch SDKs are Open Source, as are 99% of the available Latch plugins. The Latch web contains detailed information about the API. Integrating Latch with applications couldn’t be easier, and our YouTube channel offers loads of content for you to test it. 
Remember, the contest deadline is December 12, 2016. Tap into your inner hack and send us your entry!

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