Latch Plugins Contest: the plugins and hacks contest in which you can win up to 5,000 USD

ElevenPaths    7 octubre, 2016

ElevenPaths is announcing a new edition of the LatchPlugins Contest, a challenge for daring doers passionate about technology. Would you like to win 5,000 dollars? Then let your imagination run wild and release the hacker inside you.
Taking part could not be easier. You can present any kind of work or project, such as a final year project for your degree or master’s degree, a homebrew plugin to protect your own software, hardware, or processes, and so on. What matters is originality, ingenuity and how the solution contributes to Latch.
To help you on your way, we have left some tips on how to develop a plugin on our Community. All Latch SDKs are open source and this is also the case for 99% of currently available Latch plugins. From the Latch website, you can find all the information on the API, which is documented for developers. Integrating Latch with applications is very straightforward and there is now a lot of content available on the website for you to give it a go. If you want to find out more about the plugins (and associated documentation) developed to date, just head to the Github of ElevenPaths. Once there, you can download and analyze the source code of all current Latch plugins.
If you are unsure of how the contest works, please be sure to consult the legal terms, and visit our Community, where you can ask questions, post comments and join in conversations relating to the Latch Plugins Contest.
The deadline for entries is 12 December 2016, so don’t leave it until the last minute and take part now in Latch Plugin Contest!
There are a lot of things we can «latch onto». Your smart TV? Your Xbox? A hack to control Facebook sessions? You set the limit.

Good luck!

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