Latch Plugins Contest 2016 is over

ElevenPaths    12 diciembre, 2016
Today, Monday, December 12 at 1 pm (CET), was the deadline for the submission of plugin applications to the Latch Plugins Contest, the Latch contest that looks for innovative and handy plugins for the Latch service. Any project submitted after this deadline will be invalid and will not enter the contest.

Now it is the turn of our jury, a top-level jury, composed of Chema Alonso, CEO CDO; José Palazón, CTO CDO; Pedro Pablo Pérez, VP Global Security; Alberto Sempere, Security Global Product Director, and Olvido Nicolás, CMO Global Security.

As you know, the jury of ElevenPaths will acknowledge:

  • Creativity, we are sure that you are inventive! 
  • Utility of the solution, simplicity and usability are very important. 
  • Effort, which is always rewarded. 
  • Thoroughness of the solution, the more complete the better. 
  • Clarity of documentation. 
  • Compliance with the submission date of the candidature.

After the deliberation phase, you will know if you have won one of our juicy prizes: up to $5,000 (in bitcoins).

Stay tuned! Winners will be notified by email during the 14 days following the closing date of the contest. You will then have 10 days to accept the prize.

Follow all the details in our blog and in the #LatchPluginsContest hashtag.

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