FOCA Final Version, the ultimate FOCA

ElevenPaths  16 diciembre, 2013
You all
know FOCA. Over the years, it had a great acceptation and became quite popular. Eleven Path has killed the FOCA to turn it into a professional service, FaasT. But FOCA
did not die. FOCA Pro is now a portable version called FOCA Final Version that you can download for free.

FOCA Free vs. FOCA Pro
There used
to be a FOCA Free and a FOCA Pro. The Pro version included some extra features
such as reporting, analysis of error messages in response pages, fuzzing of
URLs searching for data type conversions errors in PHP, syntax errors in
SQL/LDAP queries, integer overflow errors, and more parallelism in its core. It
had no ads either.

But now,
FOCA joins in just one version, based on FOCA Pro, but for free. So here it is
FOCA Final Version. This final version includes all the plugins available and the
tools for you to create your own plugins. Some bug reported by users had been fixed as well.

If you want to know how it works and some secrets, you can buy this new book about pentesting using FOCA.

FOCA Final Version
free for download with no registration from Eleven Paths Labs page.

Hope you
enjoy it.

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