Cybersecurity Shot_AEDyR information leakage

ElevenPaths    12 agosto, 2016

Here comes Cybersecurity Shot_, a research report on current cases related to databases leaked online that includes leak prevention recommendations. You can’t miss out on it!

Here is a brief summary of the report:

AEDyR Case
Investigation research “AEDyR information leakage”

On April 7, 2016, a security breach occurred in the Spanish Desalination and Reutilization Association. Due to an SQL injection attack on its web page, information about partners and companies belonging to AEDyR was disclosed.

The list of affected is quite extensive and includes companies from different sectors related to the water treatment and infrastructures. Amongst the leaked information there is a large amount of corporate credentials of people related to these sectors.

Learn from our intelligence analysts what attribution exercise was accomplished, as well as the alleged perpetrator’s former collaboration with other hacktivist groups.

» Download AEDyR information leakage case

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